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नालीदार नली क्या है? और नालीदार नली का उपयोग.


Corrugated hose is installed in the liquid conveying system as a kind of flexible pressure-resistant pipe to compensate for the mutual displacement of pipes or the connecting ends of machines and equipment, absorb vibration energy, and play the role of vibration reduction and noise reduction. It has good flexibility and quality. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and high temperature resistance. It can also be used by threading. It can withstand the heavy pressure of footsteps without breaking or deforming. It can recover quickly without any damage. Corrugated hoses can be used in machine tools, electrical equipment, food machinery, air conditioners, refrigerators, automobile wiring harnesses, and protect cables and wires from external force damage.
5/8"X25' LD हल्के किंक प्रतिरोधी नलीनीला रंग आपकी अच्छी पसंद है।